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The Cumbrian lifestyle

Cumbria has outstanding natural beauty, England's tallest mountains, deepest lakes and two national parks.

As England's second largest county, Cumbria offers a tapestry of urban and rural life which visitors can't help but fall in love with. Anecdotal feedback strongly suggests that many businesses and investors move to Cumbria after visiting the County as a tourist, drawn by the prospect of experiencing Cumbria’s natural beauty and rich cultural offer on a permanent basis and far from the stresses and strains of city living.

While house prices vary depending on location – homes are traditionally more expensive within national park boundaries than those outside – the overall cost of living is generally low. Those relocating to Cumbria will also discover good primary and secondary education for their children. At age 11, Cumbria's educational attainment ranks in the top 5 per cent in England.

Cumbria is also one of the safest places to live and raise a family with one of the nation's lowest levels of crime. For useful statistics visit the Cumbria Intelligence Observatory, which has a wealth of statistics on everything from education and housing and health and population. Better still book a holiday and see for yourself 0has everything you need to know.