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The Cumbrian Workforce

Birthplace of the world’s civil nuclear industry, home to the first ever large-scale steel works, and the place where modern tourism was developed – a pioneering spirit and willingness to embrace and advance new ideas is woven into the fabric of Cumbria’s entrepreneurs and workforce.

In fact, Cumbria’s people are one of the area’s most valuable assets, with a first class reputation for productivity, low absenteeism and low staff turnover. People who live in Cumbria want to stay to enjoy an excellent quality of life and an opportunity to work in a wide and diverse range of industry sectors. Evidence suggests these are the reasons why young Cumbrians are returning and why young professionals are being drawn to the County. In turn businesses continue to demonstrate a commitment to their loyal employees, by providing training and education support.

The Cumbrian workforce is also remarkably resilient, in the way it has adapted to the 25-year shift from heavy industry to new technologies and also the spirit and determination shown in remaining open for business during the 2009 floods and the 1991 Foot & Mouth Disease outbreak. So many factors combine to make Cumbria’s workforce one of the strongest in Britain. Around 60 per cent of Cumbria’s 496,000 population are of working age.