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Business Diversity & Affordability in Cumbria

From energy, specialist manufacturing and construction to tourism, logistics and the digital and creative sector – Cumbria boasts one of the most diverse businesses mixes in Britain.

In West Cumbria and Furness the Britain’s Energy Coast initiative is seeking to transform an economy so long reliant on traditional industry into a nationally important hub for low carbon and renewable energy generation and expertise. Barrow is at the core of the UK’s submarine building prowess, while Carlisle is the County’s key commercial centre and home to flagship companies including Stobart Group and Pirelli. Tourism, along with agriculture, is firmly at the heart of the Lake District economy, generating more than £1bn into the County’s economy each year.

Surprisingly Cumbria is of the least expensive areas in the country to do business, with affordable labour and low overheads. The county has plenty of low cost sites on more than 30 industrial estates and business parks. The ready availability and cost effectiveness of sites in many parts of Cumbria, compared with other areas of the UK, provides a strong competitive advantage for investors. Operating costs are also amongst the lowest in the European Union.

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